By Kira Hudson Bank and Richard Harvey

At many companies, there is a disconnect between public statements or commitments to fight racism and the daily employee experience. To adequately respond to the current uprisings, leaders must reckon with the Black experience inside their workplaces. Acknowledge that whether intended or not, Black employees have experienced harm in the form of discrimination and racism. Be specific about the actions you’ll take to remedy that harm. Encourage managers to deal with the discomfort of talking about and addressing these issues. And hold your organization accountable. Articulate how progress will be tracked and communicated back company-wide. This is a time for leaders to reflect deeply on how the racism that they are standing up against is replicated or facilitated inside their walls.

Demonstrators run for cover after clashes erupted during protests against police brutality in Bogota on September 13, 2020. (Photo by JUAN BARRETO/AFP via Getty Images)

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