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UNPAD Launch Event at United Nations Headquarters

On September, 26th , 2016, UN-PAD hosted an event at the ECOSOC Chamber, United Headquarters, New York to mark the launching of this important initiative. Speakers at the event included Ambassador Rhonda King, Ambassador/Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, (whom in conjunction with her government have been leading advocates for the establishment of the Decade for People of African Descent); Ms. Luislinda Dias de Valois Santo, Special Secretary for the Promotion of Racial Equality, Government of Brazil; Ms. Yrthya Dinzey Flores, Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity, Time Warner Company; Ms. Alison Cave, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, World Bank, and notable Brazilian philosopher, Madame Djamila Ribiero. Speakers from these diverse industries and spheres of international organisations, private corporations and governmental, highlighted the barriers facing persons of Afro-descent and how a collective effort, political will and cultural investments are imperative for ending all barriers to the advancement of persons of Afro-descent.

The event marked part of ongoing efforts of UN-PAD to bring notable people ofAfro-descent into a wider global dialogue to discuss the issues facing them, while seeking to draw public and media attention away from images of violent protests and tense interracial divide to shining the light on collaborative dialogue as the key to promoting mutual racial advancement. UN-PAD will act as a think-tank and catalyst for action on Afro-descent issues within the United Nations system and will encourage the fulfillment of commitments made by the United States and other governments under General Assembly resolutions 68/237 and 69/16.


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Phone: (1) 646 331 6361

Web: https://www.unpad.org

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